Tell it true


An African-American serviceman is gunned down on a rural Georgia road in July 1964. This shocking murder ensnares a wide range of characters including the journalists who cover it,  the lawmen who must solve it, the civil rights leaders who capitalize upon it, the politicians who  exploit it, and the Atlanta magnate who fears its impact on the New South image he  desperately wants to protect. 

TV cameraman Gil Matthews and AP reporter Mindy Williams team up to follow the  twists and turns of the murder investigation as rural, state, and federal lawmen clash, a civil  rights leader fends off a black power challenger, and voters take sides in a governor’s race  pitting virulent racist Roscoe Pike against moderate underdog Harrison Parker. TELL IT TRUE  focuses on the challenges faced by journalists as they covered a societal revolution and brought  the dramatic and sometimes violent scenes night after night to TV screens around the world. 

TELL IT TRUE takes us to a time and place where the future of the South hung in the  balance. Veteran journalist John Pruitt bases the story on his experiences over fifty years as a  news reporter and anchor in Atlanta. 

“There were many momentous stories I covered during my career, but none of the  magnitude of the struggle for racial equality in the South.” 

Readers will no doubt recognize elements of that time of troubles that are still with us  today.

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Tell it True

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