A Novel By John Pruitt

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—A shotgun killing on a lonely road in 1964 Georgia entangles lawmen, journalists, politicians, and civil rights leaders.

Narrated by the Author

John Pruitt

John Pruitt covered the news of Atlanta and Georgia as television anchor and reporter
for half a century. His major stories include the assassination and funeral of Dr Martin Luther
King, Junior, Jimmy Carter’s rise from obscurity to become Georgia governor and President of
the United States, eleven Democratic and Republican Conventions, the 1983 bombing of a US
Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, and the aftermath of the September 11th attack on the
World Trade Center.

“I covered a number of momentous stories in my career,” says John, “but none of them
could equal the magnitude of the civil rights movement.” His novel, TELL IT TRUE, draws on his
experiences covering the sometimes bloody clash between those demanding their
constitutional freedoms and those determined to deny them those rights.

Tell It True

An African-American serviceman is gunned down on a rural Georgia road in July 1964. This shocking murder ensnares a wide range of characters including the journalists who cover it,  the lawmen who must solve it, the civil rights leaders who capitalize upon it, the politicians who  exploit it, and the Atlanta magnate who fears its impact on the New South image he  desperately wants to protect. 


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Tell it True

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Narrated by the Author

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